I took a night bus on my way north from La Serena to San Pedro de Atacama. The place in South America I was looking most forward to. Unfortunately, this event took a whole other turn as I got robbed… With this post I hope to address people who are travelling and to be aware of their belongings.

Chile: In short

If you look at the map, Chile is the long narrow country at end of the world. This neoliberal state is geographically unique, with a total length of 4300 km and a maximal width of 340 km. From the driest (non-polar) desert in the north to one of the biggest glaciers in the south, almost all climate zones can be found here. This country is not only interesting nature-wise, but it also has a controversial recent history which still causes heated political debates among its people.

Uruguay’s Coastline Journey

The home of mate, great beaches, asados (barbecues), Luis Suárez and a liberal lifestyle. Those are the first words that come to mind when describing Uruguay. This country is often overlooked as a destination by tourists with Argentina and Brazil as its neighbors. To be honest, it also seemed quite unknown to me, but it definitely surprised me in a positive way as I strolled along the coastline.

Uruguay: In short

Uruguay, the second smallest country in South America. Locked between the two large countries of Argentina and Brazil. Although its size is 2,5 times bigger than Holland, it has only a population of about 3,5 million. Due to being politically stable and having some social reforms over the last few years, Uruguay now enjoys a high standard of living.