People of Iran

It’s hard to prepare for Iran. It overwhelmed me, even though I had done my research. It’s hectic, difficult and everything is almost exclusively written in the Arabic alphabet. There are so many things which differ from other countries I’ve experienced so far. But, after a while, I was getting more familiar. When I started to get more familiar, I enjoyed it fully and came to love this special country.

Alongside the Black Sea coast

After spending two-and-a-half month in Europe, I finally made it to Turkey. This meant I would soon make a big step by leaving the European continent. I arrived in Istanbul by taking a night bus from Thessaloniki (Greece). In Turkey, I would volunteer at an organic farm for the second time and travel to Georgia by crossing a lesser-known area.

A Journey to my Father’s Land

Time for a new adventure! After four months travelling in South America, I don’t feel like settling down already. In this next journey I want to go to Ethiopia. The country where my father is born (and thus part of my roots). Even though I’ve visited Ethiopia twice, this country still remains a bit incomprehensible to me. I tend to stay there for a few months. Learn the basics of the language, travel new places and get in contact with a few of their many cultures in the hope to understand this country (and a part of me) a little better.