My Temporary Life in Edinburgh

I spent almost six months living in Scotland’s capital; Edinburgh. This doesn’t seem like a very long time, but it had made a huge impression. Even now, being back in the Netherlands for over half a year, I still feel nostalgic every once in a while. Making a living for six months abroad isn’t always an easy task. But it almost felt natural in Edinburgh. The friendly and generally cheerful people, its greenness, its hills, its clouds which pass over very near, the size and atmosphere of its old town, all made a positive impact.

Organic Farming

I didn’t want to ‘just travel’ as I planned to take off for one year. For the last couple of years, food has become a more important and interesting topic in my life. A plant-based diet became better suited for me. This realization started after watching some documentaries, reading articles and, later, trying it out for myself. Sustainability however, had been playing a major role in my life for much longer. Combining these two with practical curiosity, I challenged myself during my journey to start volunteering at places where the ideology of permaculture is a central topic. After my journey I want to understand the practices of self-sustainability better and see what it can bring me in my future life.

A Journey to my Father’s Land

Time for a new adventure! After four months travelling in South America, I don’t feel like settling down already. In this next journey I want to go to Ethiopia. The country where my father is born (and thus part of my roots). Even though I’ve visited Ethiopia twice, this country still remains a bit incomprehensible to me. I tend to stay there for a few months. Learn the basics of the language, travel new places and get in contact with a few of their many cultures in the hope to understand this country (and a part of me) a little better.