A Journey to my Father’s Land

Time for a new adventure! After four months travelling in South America, I don’t feel like settling down already. In this next journey I want to go to Ethiopia. The country where my father is born (and thus part of my roots). Even though I’ve visited Ethiopia twice, this country still remains a bit incomprehensible to me. I tend to stay there for a few months. Learn the basics of the language, travel new places and get in contact with a few of their many cultures in the hope to understand this country (and a part of me) a little better.

To get here, I will travel overland from Utrecht to Iran. And from Iran I will look at that time what’s best to go further to Ethiopia. Why overland and Iran, as it is just way easier to fly directly? Time is on my side at the moment. Therefore, I don’t feel the need to hurry. Slow travel has its advantages too. You can see the gradual changes in nature and cultures. Travelling by bus and train is also more environmental friendly (which I like to keep in mind) and causes more challenges at the same time (what can be seen as useful experiences). And, since a year, Iran became steadily more of a interest to me. I have heard very enthusiastic stories of Iran by the people I came across and visited this country, unlike the different perspective you might get from the media.

A thing I missed during my travels in South America is that I eventually didn’t do any (volunteering) work. During this next travel I really intend to do so. While writing this, I’m actually three weeks down the road already and volunteering at an organic farm in eastern Germany. To give a visual impression of my trip, I think it will look something like this (up until Iran):


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